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About Chikoos & Cherries Playschool

Chikoos & Cherries Playschool  (Since 2006) it’s been 14 yrs in preschool education. We provide Quality Education initiatives for kids born in the 21st century. We are the first Preschool in Dhule who started with Concept-Based, Theme-Based learning, where kids are introduced to new things like Phonetics, Origami, Yoga  & Shloka and many new exposure is given to them.

Our Vision :

Our Vision is a strong foundation that helps to make our little ones ready for tomorrow and become our heroes / leader.

Our Mission :

Our Mission is to provide a comfortable and safe environment. We also aim to provide a high play way education that builds foundation strong.

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Strong foundation for life

  • The early years of a Child’s Life constitute the most significant periods of life. The age where sound foundation is laid for the overall development of the individual.The Preschool is the most impressionable age in one’s life.
  • The rate of development is more rapid since 50% of child’s brain develops in the first five years . To aid their Development to the fullest the pedagogy for children is special here we follow activity based thematic learning .
  • Under Theme-Based Learning we set a theme for learning experience interesting & meaningful for them. Teaching with theme also means that children learn best through Play, Active Exploration of their environment  & thoughtfully planned activities in each term.
Chikoos & Cherries Playschool
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Gyaandhara - The Foundation

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A Day At School


Our Theme Based Activities are





Fruits & Vegetables

Colours Day

People Around us

Healthy Food & Junky Food

Animals -Wild,Domestic,Aquatic



Health Check up

Dental Check up

Fancy Dress

Sand Play

Transport & Safety rules

Meet Our Teachers

We have an excellent teacher to child ration at our Kinder-garden to ensure that each Child recieves the attention he or she needs .
Chikoos & Cherries Playschool Teachers

Useful Facts


We employ only qualified teachers who dedicate their lives to education.


Each year we work with up to 4 classes of highly talented kids of all ages.


Since the beginning of our work, we have given necessary knowledge to many children.

Satisfied Parents

Every parent who comes to us is completely satisfied with our work for his or her kid.

Happy Parents

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